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On Change

On Change


“Often the word ‘change’ makes us anxious, even thought we all know that it is an essential element of life, we almost instinctively resist it. Yoga is a place to be yourself, to watch your thoughts and notice your dreams slip in. Think of ways to be more honest. Notice when you start to judge, when you start to compete."

"Try to be more gentle, more grateful and less judgmental.

Each of us is unique on this planet. We are all here for a reason at this time.

We all have gifts to offer this world at this time. It is our own individuality that allows us to make a difference. We live in a world where communication is instant and accessible, yet we often feel isolated. We are afraid of being alone or losing the people close to us. It’s hard to be a light in the middle of an ocean, you can get put out so fast. We need to make the choice to be connected, to surround ourselves with positive people. We need to take the time to celebrate ourselves, and to reflect on ways to make an imprint on this world.

Don’t stop celebrating yourself.”

Karen Conley - Amazing Yoga

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