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Why I teach Yoga

As a runner, I was pretty skeptical of Yoga. I wasn’t really a fan. One day in class, the instructor asked us if we had a lot of "noise" in our heads. Ah--well yes, yes I did. She challenged us to focus on relaxing the craziness in our minds, instead of totally focusing on the physical positions.  This was my “ah ha” moment. Here was a challenging physical practice that not only works from the neck down, but even more from the neck up! I was hooked.


So that’s it, it’s pretty simple. Yoga is a work-out, and a work-IN. It helps balance, focus and strengthen your body, and it can balance, focus and center your mind. It’s a win-win! This awareness translates off the mat. It can be carried into your day to day life. My job is to act as your guide, and it truly is an honor to help students discover themselves, and their true power through this 4000 year old practice. 

About Marty

200 Hour RYT (Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher)

Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Marty has been involved in the fitness community for over 32 years. She is both a 200 hour Registered Yoga Instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer. She has also been a passionate runner for over 30 years. Marty considers both Yoga and running to be a forms of moving meditation, and wonderful complements to each other.

Professionally trained in graphic design, photography and music, these disciplines inform her yoga teaching. She creates customized music mixes to help empower her students’s yoga practice.


Her teaching practice includes Liberty Athletic Club, Imagine Fitness & Yoga, Running Fit, The Environmental Protection Agency, and her home studio. She also has been a free-lance graphic designer and artist for over 30 years.


Image of Marty
Image of Marty
Image of Marty
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