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Why Should Anyone Do Yoga? 


As mentioned earlier, in the beginning I was pretty skeptical of yoga. I discovered that yoga can balance, focus and strengthen not only the body, but also the mind. It is surprising how disconnected we have become with our bodies. This disconnection can lead to weight gain, poor health and injuries.  


One of the cool things about yoga is that as you practice, you begin to gain a mind/body awareness. What does this even mean? It's a sort of "body intuition". You really start to understand and FEEL your body. Yoga focuses on establishing that dialogue and connection between your body and mind. 


A steady yoga practice is an excellent complement to other types of fitness, especially if you are just beginning a fitness program. Through yoga we build long, lean muscles and a stong and powerful core. The core stuff in yoga is really effective. We also work on overall flexibility and range of motion. Also, keeping a sense of humor is key.

I like to make the practice self-exploratory, but also fun!


Just as yoga engages the body, it also helps evolve the mind. I believe that your body has an inherent intelligence to bring about a perfect state of equilibrium. The awareness gained through yoga translates both on AND off the mat...

and into the world.


Come explore yourself! 







Marty adjusting student in triangle
Marty adjusting student in triangle
Marty adjusting student in triangle
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